AR-51 has the mission to be a leader in next-generation digital entertainment.

Leveraging proprietary, deep tech with a focus on Augmented Reality, AR-51 will develop and deliver games, content and interactive services for the inevitable “XR Era” of sports and games.

'' [Everybody] will have AR experiences every day, almost like eating three meals a day. It will become that much a part of you."


Tim Cook

The Evolution of Gaming

AR-51's strategy places itself at the center of the AR Ecosystem

AR 51 & 3rd Party Games

LBE Management System

Marketplace for

content and games


AR 51 will launch the world’s first fully-immersive, multiplayer AR experience in a dedicated showroom in Tel Aviv, Israel during 2020.

Proprietary Tech

Leveraging IP portfolio of real-time deep neural networks to deliver the end to end experience at a fraction of current cost

6 DOF for passive objects

Finger motion synthesis

Body signature identification

Markerless performance capture

AR 51 3D Sports Streaming

How it works

Our viewers will be able to have the entire stadium streamed, and have a VIP room like experience from the comfort of their homes. AR 51 will lead the 3D sports streaming market in 3 years by providing an innovative parametric capturing and AR streaming to major sports leagues and broadcasters.


Unlike volumetric tech, to create the experience, we use only simple RGB cameras. Moreover, our content can be streamed on existing networks and does not require any expensive hardware.

AR 51 Founding Team

Moshe Bitan


Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence, M.Sc. in mathematics & in Computer Science. 20+ years of experience in computer graphics, hardcore gamer. A former researcher at Microsoft Research

Lior Kirsch


Ph.D. in ML, B.Sc. in mathematics Expert in deep learning & computer vision. 10+ years developing state-of-the-art machine-learning and vision algorithms

Erez Tal


A serial entrepreneur, co-founder at Camerai, co-founder & CEO at Pinto, co-founder at Kalkalili (sold), MBA & economist.

We're hiring

Catch us if you can

Benson Oak Ventures

Looking for top-notch Computer-vision Researchers to join our team. The Professional we are looking for should be experienced in Deep-Learning, a team player, should provide innovative solutions, and deliver state-of-the-art results.

Seeking experienced Unity 3D game-software engineer with experience in developing for AR or VR Platforms. A team player provides creative solutions and breathtaking games, and who takes great pleasure in enriching players lives.

Benson Oak Ventures

Full Stack Developers

3D Artist 

Full-Stack Developers to join us Tel-Aviv office. we move quickly, and we are seeking individuals who will thrive in this challenging environment. As a full stack engineer, a backend expert that should be just as comfortable developing frontend.

Looking for an exceptional and experienced 3D artist, a team player that provides creative solutions and breathtaking graphics and who takes great pleasure in designing and creating fantastic worlds. 

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