Live 3D

AR 51 Live 3D Streaming for Sports
and Entertainment for Augmented Reality

Cramming on your couch with friends to watch your team’s big game on TV is great, but it never really compares to the adrenaline rush of packing into bleachers or sitting court side, close enough to see the sweat droplets or fancy footwork.

With AR 51 Live 3D Streaming, you can have both: the comfortable at-home vibe and the immersive experience.

Our technology makes it possible for you to gather at home with your friends and watch your favorite players make all their moves in your living room right in front of your eyes. View your favorite events like a dunk contest or last night’s highlights in 3D on your phone or tablet (and AR glasses down the road).

Observe every move, take and share photos, and cheer your team on without having to travel, fight crowds and ticket hawkers, or even get dressed.

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